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Experience the Joy of Learning to Dance

Kyryl Dudchenko, seasoned teacher, choreographer, coach and competition judge, will introduce you to a whole new way to master the freedom of movement and rhythm, through high quality in-person and online training for all ages.

Kyryl Dudchenko teaching a private lesson
Kyryl Dance training class
Indoor Kyryl Dance group class

In-Person Dance Classes

Kyryl is a highly experienced Ballroom and Latin coach and judge who works with individuals and couples of all ages. Classes range from private lessons to group classes. Under his seasoned eye, certified by the Canadian DanceSport Federation, you’ll find yourself rapidly improving your skill as a dancer.

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Online Dance Lessons

People around the world enthusiastically follow Kyryl’s dynamic YouTube channel, “Every Heart Can Dance,” learning how to use basic dance movements and rhythms to enhance their lives.

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Kyryl Dudchenko teaches Rumba in Every Heart Can Dance YouTube video

Kyryl is one of the best instructors in Canada with all the best qualities of passion, patience, positive encouragement and motivation. He made a big difference in our dance learning journey.

Sandy and FrancisKyryl Dance Students
Kyryl Dudchenko teaching a class at Robson Square in Vancouver

Kids Dance Classes

High Energy Dance Training for Children

Ballroom & Latin Lessons

High Quality Group Classes and Private Dance Training

Competition Training

Years of Experience Developing Champions

Videos for Beginners

The excitement of dance through YouTube videos

Together, we can achieve your dance goals

I strongly believe in a systematic approach, especially for those with clear dance goals like competition. However, development must also come from both sides — from the student, as well as from the teacher. The key to continued success is to stay in the moment and embrace the journey full of highs and lows.

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Magic always happens when we believe in it, but more importantly, when we work hard to reach our goals. Stay motivated and stay inspired. Dance from your heart, but work your body hard! Happy dancing!

Passionate About Teaching

Ever since I started dancing I knew I would love to teach. My dance journey has allowed me to be surrounded by individuals who have motivated and inspired me. My coaches, teachers, peers and family have all contributed to the love of dance. I love working with people, sharing my passion and knowledge with them and being a part of their artistic journey. For me, teaching is passion and art. Teaching, just like dancing itself, is not just a job or an activity, it is a way of life.
—Kyryl Dudchenko

Intentional Movement for Personal Transformation

For me, teaching dance goes beyond the conventional bounds of technique and body mechanics. It’s about conscious connection with oneself and the world around us. My approach incorporates the philosophy of ‘Wu Wei,’ the Taoist concept of ‘effortless action.’ The main focus is to create the flow of weight without rigid, stiff and hard movements. And this philosophy can be applied not only to dance at any age and level but to everyday life too. You see, dance isn’t just an intentional and aware movement; it’s an act that happens ‘now.’ And when you bring intention into your movements, you not only align your physical and emotional worlds but also mobilize transformative energy. The end result? You become the architect of your own happiness and fulfillment.

Unique dance training tailored to your goals

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Training designed to your goals, your skill level, and your schedule.

Competition Training

Kyryl has a long history of training champions in Latin and Ballroom.

Up to Date

Kyryl continually works with the world’s top coaches to adapt the latest techniques.


You want a teacher you can communicate with, who will listen and adapt. You’ve come to the right place.

What students are saying about Kyryl

Kyryl is truly a professional and dedicated teacher and coach. His passion for teaching international ballroom dancing is beyond describable. He is truly a gift to his students in his tireless effort to stay current with the best dance techniques and the most effective methods of dance education. His attitude towards dance and his breadth of knowledge inspire his students to reach for their limits and beyond. Over the years of learning from Kyryl, I always left his lessons/classses feeling more energized and more confident. I cannot recommend Kyryl enough if you are looking for a quality dance education!

C. Mx

My husband and I have been taking dance classes at Kyryl Dance Studio for more than six years. After a couple of lessons in the beginning we were hooked. Kyryl is one of the top notch instructors in Canada with all the best qualities of passion, patience, positive encouragement and motivation. He made a big difference in our dance learning journey.

Sandy Chu

Kyryl is a great dance teacher. He is very dedicated in his profession and is greatly admired by many. He is good with all dance learners, competitors and amateurs. He readily shares his expertise to make us better dancers. I have been a fan and a student of Kyryl for many years. I highly recommend him to all dance lovers.

Barbara Leung

Kyryl is an extremely dedicated coach who will go above and beyond to help his students reach their personal goals. His passion for dance is infectious and his love for teaching is indisputable. After so many years of experience, he does not stay stagnant and is always looking for new ways to improve his own dance technique and teaching methodologies. It's truly a pleasure to have learned from him for several years and hope to have the opportunity to continue in the future when this pandemic is behind us.

Gina Zheng

Ready to jump start your dance journey?