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Group Classes

Fun, engaging and effective

Group classes are offered for both adult and children’s age categories. Perfect teachers don’t exist, but passionate ones do. Kyryl Dudchenko, your instructor, is ever-evolving, driven by an insatiable desire to learn and develop. While it is great to want to be the best you can be, it’s not about being perfect, because that just gets in the way of being free to move. Instead, it’s about being matched with a mentor who guides you toward your best self, on and off the dance floor. So come, let’s make our hearts dance and our lives a bit more magical, one step at a time.

All classes are ongoing. You can join in at any time. Which class is best for you depends on your prior dance experience. Call or write if you have questions about classes.

Children’s Classes

Through dance, children can learn life skills that go beyond the dance floor. They learn to build confidence, become aware of their own selves, and face life’s challenges head-on. Does your child light up at the mere thought of dancing, yet feel overwhelmed with the idea of “perfection”? Our children’s dance classes embrace the beauty of process over outcome. We’ve created a classroom environment that is fun, upbeat, and soaked in enthusiasm! Here, your child is not just another student but a vibrant part of our dance family. Even though kids’ dance is mainly done through group classes, all development is individual and gradual, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention tailored to their progress.

Fun & Upbeat

The air is bursting with booming energy, brought alive by playful learning and genuine curiosity. We don’t just teach dance; we create a universe where your child gets to shine.

It’s Okay to be Imperfect

Mistakes? We welcome them! Each stumble is another beat in the rhythm of learning. We focus on heartfelt effort over perfect execution because, in our philosophy, only mobilized energy creates and transforms.

Focus & Attention

Through structured play and engaging lessons, children learn the fine art of maintaining focus and attention, invaluable skills that go beyond the dance floor.

A Solid Foundation

We’re not here to produce copycats with fancy moves; we build artists. Each step, each twirl, each movement is a building block towards developing a confident, aware individual who knows the power of expression.

Teaching What Matters

With an approach grounded in INTEREST, CLARITY, and IMPORTANCE, we instill values and life lessons that make your child not just a better dancer, but a better person.

Adult Classes

Think dance is only for the naturally gifted or the young? Think again. Age is but a number and experience is just a word. We believe in the transformative power of dance, and it’s never too late to start your journey with us. If you’re an adult who believes in the transformative power of elegant and graceful movement, you’ve found your sanctuary. The goal here is not just to dance, but to dance in a way that rejuvenates your body, enriches your soul, and makes you feel like a Diva. I use dance as a tool for intentional living—helping you react better to life’s challenges and creating a space where you can manifest a life you love. So, why should every heart dance? Because every step you take is a step towards a more fulfilling life. Maybe you’ve always wanted to dance, or you were recently inspired to try it. Allow me to put you on the right path to success.

Anyone Can Dance

Your instructor, Kyryl, wasn’t born a dancer; he was made. His life journey informs his teaching style—grounded, patient, and uniquely attuned to the nuances of adult learning.

Muscle Memory & More

We delve deep into the anatomy of dance, illuminating the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind each move. You’ll engage muscles you never knew you had, and learn to coordinate them to flow effortlessly across the floor.

Community & Rapport

Every class is a miniature society, a supportive community where friendships blossom and thrive. Here, you’re not just learning steps; you’re building connections.


Mastering the craft and technique of dance? Well, consider that an incredible bonus to the joy and fulfillment you’ll experience in each class.

Ready to jump start your dance journey?