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Get to know Kyryl

Kyryl believes that learning to dance is not about being perfect; it's about being matched with a mentor who guides you toward your best self, on and off the dance floor.


A legacy of expert teaching

For over 20 years, Kyryl has coached numerous students who have excelled in both the local and International DanceSport arena. He has taken his students to major Canadian and International competitions in Ohio, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Calgary and Victoria. He has trained and brought up dancers to become top BC Juvenile and Junior competitors, Adult BC Champions, as well as Junior Canadian Closed finalists. Kyryl’s Senior level students have also been achieving high rankings and respectable results throughout their competitions. Since 2005, Kyryl has been teaching at the UBC Dance Club. He teaches Newcomer, as well as Advanced Latin classes. Between 2007 and 2011 Kyryl taught at the Vancouver Academy of Dance, as a founder of the Ballroom Division. Kyryl is a qualified member of the Canadian DanceSport Federation. Besides coaching competitors, for the past 13 years, Kyryl has also been running social group classes of all levels, from Newcomer to Gold Star.

My Philosophy

Anyone Can Dance

I believe that anyone can dance, regardless of age, dance experience or natural talent. I was never a natural dancer growing up. But I stuck to it. Step by step I developed my path and a deep understanding of how to move and be rhythmical. When I teach, I believe it’s important to not only show but also explain how to do it, which muscles to engage and when. Some people don’t even know that they have that muscle! I like to develop skill through small exercises that engage specific muscles and allow us to become aware of how to coordinate the body parts for a great result.

On Developing Kids

Kids develop best in groups where they can have fun in an up-beat and enthusiastic atmosphere. They feel most comfortable learning when they can be curious without feeling pressure to be perfect. It is ok to mess up and make mistakes as long as we always try to put our heart into it. I try to make my kids classes all about energy. And the best way to create awesome and positive booming energy is through playing and having fun, yet still technical. Kids learn how to maintain focus and attention. I work on building skills step by step through simple basic movement. My philosophy of teaching is that we have to build solid and confident foundation that allows kids to demonstrate and develop their own selves. By learning dance kids grow and learn life values that will make them better people and subsequently better dancers.

You cannot become a better dancer without becoming a deeper and more aware individual. It is all about attitude and not the aptitude.

Kyryl Dudchenko
Meet Kyryl Dudchenko

Professional Dance Teacher, Coach, and Adjudicator

Kyryl Dudchenko started dancing in Ukraine at the age of 7. He has undergone extensive training by many distinguished teachers and coaches in both the Latin American and Standard programs, as well as supplementary basic training in ballet. Kyryl competed in numerous DanceSport competitions all over Eastern and Western Europe as well as in North America, at first representing Ukraine and then Canada (in 2000).

During his competitive career, he maintained the highest of amateur rankings and was featured on the Canadian national TV show, “Dancing at the Palais.” As an amateur, Kyryl competed for 13 years.

In 2002, after being accepted to Simon Fraser University, Kyryl decided to become a professional dance instructor and taught while completing his undergraduate degree. Even upon completion of a degree in Criminology and Legal Studies in 2007, he decided to continue his career as a professional dance instructor, and has since been teaching and coaching competitors of all ages in both Latin and Standard programs.

How Kyryl supports your dance goals
  • International-style Ballroom
  • International-style Latin
  • Children’s Group Classes
  • Adult Group Classes
  • Children’s Private Lessons
  • Adult Private Lessons
  • Coaching and Support
  • Every Heart Can Dance YouTube Channel

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